Our Mission

To provide more than excellent janitorial service to our customers. Rather, to provide a complete building service, encompassing all aspects of building maintenance, and to provide this on an ever-expanding, national basis.

Our Vision

US Janitorial's vision is to make the job of property management/ownership as easy, rewarding, and simple as possible. We will do this by providing your property, your investment, with the very best care in all areas of repair and maintenance. We desire to save you the aggravation and expense of having to enlist the services of numerous and unknown outside contractors and thus affording you the energy and enthusiasm to concentrate on caring for your occupant or tenant customers.

More than a Janitorial Company

US Janitorial is much more than a janitorial company. We are a company dedicated to providing our valued clients a complete range of services for their property and facility, inside and out. The goal is to simplify property management for you, and to maintain your facility in top operating condition, and to keep it pristine in cleanliness and appearance. We are able to accomplish this because of the following:

  • Company operation managers have a combined 30 years of experience in janitorial, floor care, and building maintenance.

  • We believe proper training is critical to service excellence. This is why we train all our workers. We also train specialists in flooring care, as well as heating and plumbing maintenance.

  • On our first day of service, we provide our new clients with a deep and thorough cleaning to bring the facility up to our (and their) high standards. This extra service is given as a gift to our new and valued clients, at no additional cost.

  • Our workers are well supervised by either a working (on-site) supervisor or company supervisors. These supervisors walk our client's facility on a regular basis. Each supervisor will also report to our Operations Manager, who will be familiar with the facility's needs.

  • Our sales representative who introduced our new clients to, and invited them to join our US Janitorial family, will be responsible for making sure they receive their expected high-quality service. This is accomplished by his on-going personal service and inspections. This is to ensure that all areas are being cared for exactly the way our clients have specified. These inspection reports become a part of the account file and are used to evaluate and, if necessary, modify their customized cleaning schedule.

  • A janitorial log is kept on the property in a convenient location. Our clients can record any comments or make special requests. This log is turned in to the Office by the account supervisor at the end of each week.

  • A janitorial checklist is used by the supervisor to verify adherence to the approved cleaning schedule.

  • Our clients can contact us 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week for emergencies or special requests.