Commercial Cleaning 

A new approach, consistent results.

Janitorial Services

A clean building minus the headaches.

Janitorial Supplies 

Save time with US Janitorial Supplies.

Blind Cleaning

Get blinds back to their original cleanliness.

Carpet & Upholstery

Clean chairs, partitions, carpet & more.

Detail Cleaning 

A clean that goes above and beyond.

Floor Mat Services 

Capture dirt and grime with entryway mats.

Flood Services 

A quick response is essential.

Floor Care

We've got floor care covered.


Sometimes you just need a hand.

Kitchen Cleaning 

Special rooms deserve special attention.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

Green Cleaning 

Every building should function at its highest and healthiest potential.


Property managed or owner occupied, US Janitorial has more than 25 years of experience cleaning commercial properties. Our ability to understand what you truly need out of your cleaning service allows us to put together the best service agreement possible for your unique needs.

We work with a variety of industries helping them save time when it comes to managing the cleaning in their buildings such as:

•  Auto Dealerships

•  Independent Banks

•  Churches

•  Commercial Office Buildings

•  Daycare Facilities

• Dialysis Clinic

• Medical Facilities

• Schools

• And More

We are able to take over the management of maintenance and commercial cleaning vendors so that you can focus your time on the truly important aspects of your job rather than chasing down the crew.

Janitorial Services

Poor janitorial companies cause the majority of headaches in a building. That's why US Janitorial wants to make sure the time spent on janitorial in your building is on-task, efficient and never results in un-emptied trash cans or dirty floors.

We carefully screen and hand-select the best independent service providers for your building. Our expertise in understanding how to deliver on your specific needs makes it easy for us to provide a solution that takes care of the hassle without the hefty price tag.

Janitorial Supplies 

By letting US Janitorial take care of janitorial supplies for you, running out of toilet paper or soap will never be a concern. Your Facility Services Manager will make sure that your building is always stocked and ready to go, no matter how many paper towels your employees use every day.

Our competitive prices are only matched by the amount of time and energy you'll save by letting us remove this responsibility from your overloaded plate.

Blind Cleaning

Your blinds accumulate dust quicker than many other area of your facility because they are more consistently stationary. While the dust may seem stuck forever if they haven’t received attention in a while, routine care can keep them looking new for longer.

US Janitorial will secure the services necessary to help get your blinds and other window coverings back to their original color and cleanliness, and can set up a program to attack the dust before it becomes a problem in the future.

Carpet &Upholstery

Your carpeting is a big investment. As carpet ages, dirt and germs can accumulate near the base of the carpeting that can dirty up your building and reduce the life of your carpeting. A simple program of protection, regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance go a long way towards keeping your carpets looking better, longer.

That's why US Janitorial will work with you to develop a carpet cleaning program that addresses your carpet types and traffic level. Ask US Janitorial if your current carpet care program doesn't include these must-have features:

Regular Vacuuming
Spot Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
Deodorizing and Sanitizing
Carpet Protection
Floor Mats

The maintenance management experts at US Janitorial can make sure your carpet care plan is right for your building. And specialty services are no problem: US Janitorial can source custom walk-off mats, upholstery cleaning, even flood remediation with one phone call.

Contact US Janitorial today to find out how superior maintenance management can keep your carpets looking their best, longer.

Detail Cleaning 

From time to time you may need a clean that goes above and beyond your normal scope of work. Whether you have a high profile client coming to visit or the president is making his yearly rounds, you’ll need your facility to receive extra attention.

US Janitorial will make sure your building receives a clean it has never experienced to prepare for these major events.

Floor Mat Services 

Keep your floors looking their best longer with entryway mat services.

First impressions matter. US Janitorial  recognizes this, which is why your entryway is one of our highest priorties. That's why we recommend entryway mats as a common supplement to Janitorial Service to all of our clients.

Entryway mats capture dirt before it is walked through the building.

That's right, a few feet of floor mats at each entry point will collect dirt and moisture and keep it off your flooring, leading to cleaner, longer-lasting floors.

Entrance mats are the economical choice as well. A recent ISSA study showed that as much as 80% of the dirt in a building comes in on people’s shoes. Think of the impact of that dirt on your bottom line: maintenance costs, labor expenses for cleaning and repairs, even your employees’ health!

US Janitorial can help you build a matting program that fits your building size, soil level and budget.

Mats are available in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and decor. They are even available with your company logo!

You can purchase mats outright, or sign up for a scheduled matting service that replaces mats periodically. Either way, make sure your mats are vacuumed daily for maximum effectiveness, and replaced when they start showing wear.

US Janitorial  recommends entryway mats for all of our janitorial clients. A simple investment here will save labor, time, and headaches down the road.

Give us a call today to set up a matting program that meets your building’s needs.

Flood Services 

When emergencies happen, a quick response is essential. Call US Janitorial to receive a helping hand in restoring your property and performing water damage cleanup. There can be many side effects resulting from pipe damage, let us help make sure you know all of your options and the best way to approach every situation with:

    Water damage repair
    Pipe repair
    Flooded office cleanup
    Carpet drying
    Emergency water extraction
    Carpet cleaning
    Stain removal
    Water remediation

For emergency water damage cleanup or pipe repair at your facility, call us today.

Floor Care

Take a look at your hard-surface floors. Do they shine like they used to? Do you see scuffs or scratches in the walkways? When was the last time they looked like new?

Your floors are a long-term investment, and ongoing maintenance is a huge part of keeping up the appearance over time. Whether you have ceramic tile, VCT, marble or another surface, US Janitorial has the expertise to manage your ongoing flooring maintenance.

US Janitorial can work with you to create a floor care plan that covers all flooring types in your building, from carpet to tile to terrazzo.

Call US Janitorial  today to coordinate any and all of these services for your building:

High-Performance Vacuuming
Scrub and Wax
Strip and Wax
Installation and Removal

Specialty floors are no problem for US Janitorial. Ask us about any of these specialty services:

VCT and Ceramic Tile
Terrazzo and Marble Floors
Hardwood Floors
Epoxy and Cement Floors
Gymnasium Floors
Warehouse Floors

Floor Waxing & Polishing

Many building managers still generalize their floor maintenance needs as Floor Waxing.  However, whether you have VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) requiring machine stripping and waxing, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, terrazzo, concrete, slate, or even linoleum floors, US Janitorial is prepared to expertly restore and maintain these surfaces.

Floor Waxing

US janitorial doesn’t just “strip and wax” your floors. With more than 25 years experience in the art of hard floor care (including floor waxing & polishing), we understand the science behind proper floor maintenance. There are many new and different hard floor surfaces requiring expert knowledge of the best cleaning products and procedures available. Lack of expertise will at best detract from the beauty and durability of your hard floors and at worst shorten their useful life or even ruin them.

When you call US Janitorial services to maintain or restore your hard floors, we utilize a four-pronged approach:

1) We evaluate the type and condition of the existing floor.
2) We factor in the location of the floor as well as the amount and the type of foot traffic.
3) We’ll suggest how best to restore the floor to its original luster.
4) Finally, we will suggest a custom, ongoing maintenance program to keep your floors protected and looking fabulous year round.

To accomplish this four-pronged approach requires an in-depth knowledge of hard floor surfaces, experience to perform a proper evaluation, knowledge of the Ph scale used in cleaning and restoration products as well as a thorough knowledge of floor finishes and how to properly apply them.

Floor Buffing & Burnishing Program

Once you’ve machine stripped, rinsed and laid sufficient floor finish, you must consider a floor buffing or burnishing maintenance program that will allow for the finish to diffuse light in such a way that you get the results like those illustrated in the photograph above.  If you’re looking for that Walmart “wet look” shine, you must high speed burnish (requiring the use of high speed buffers rotating at 1500-2100 rpm’s).  We have both the equipment and expertise to take your floor waxing to a whole new level of “gloss” and keep it there.

Hard Surface Stone Care

However, there are many hard floor surfaces that are better left without wax or floor finish.  Many natural stone floors can be professionally maintained with special diamond embedded floor pads that will essentially accomplish the same task your rock tumbler kit did when it converted regular old rocks into highly polished gems using a combination of water, abrasive grits and friction.

Polished Concrete floors have a very high luster built into them and can be maintained without using waxes or finishes often requiring frequent and unnecessary routine stripping and waxing.  The appearance of these  low-maintenance floors can be enhanced using a polishing compound and, if necessary, restored using a fine-grit abrasive.

Whether you need an occasional floor stripping, floor waxing or hard-surface polishing, or are looking to establish a regular floor maintenance program to keep up appearances, US Janitorial Services stands ready to help.

Call or email us today for a free evaluation and proposal for floor waxing, buffing or hard-surface floor maintenance.

Kitchen Cleaning 

If your facility has a kitchen on site there are a lot of areas that probably need more than just a routine clean-up. US Janitorial is ready to tackle the cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ovens and other large equipment to help keep you operating at your best.

Cross contamination with food preparation can cause quite an unsanitary situation, so making sure your maintenance vendor takes the necessary precautions is vital.

Call US Janitorial for your kitchen cleaning needs and let us give you the peace of mind that comes with a job well-done.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your business, whether it be improving the ambiance for your clients or helping to improve the productivity of your staff.  Painting is one of the cheapest ways to give your building a whole new look and feel.  When it comes to painting, scheduling is vital.

US Janitorial can help by identifying your peak times and scheduling the work to avoid them so that we can paint with minimal building occupant exposure.

Green Cleaning 

Introducing Performance Plus - the new standard for clean.

We believe every building deserves the opportunity to function at its highest and healthiest potential.  Performance Plus delivers just that, letting you thrive in a clean environment at a price that won't break the bank.

Details of Performance Plus

Performance Plus was created to deliver a sustainable solution to your janitorial need without the substantial cost associated with other programs.  US Janitorial  looked at all of the high profile certifications available and combined the best of each to create a solution to sustainable cleaning without the high cost.

How do we create a cleaner building?

Performance Plus was designed around six proprietary steps and strategies to maximize the time spent cleaning your building.  These strategies focus on preemptively attacking dirt before it ever enters the building with matting programs and using high efficient chemicals and equipment to ensure that more dirt is removed each night.

How do we deliver a lower cost?

Our proprietary program makes us more efficient with the time spent in each building. Over the course of our relationship, Performance Plus results in less dirt in your building on a daily basis. Instead of putting more money in our own pockets for the reduction in time, we pass those savings on to you.

While other companies may spend less time in your building and skim over areas in order to give you a lower bid, US Janitorial has chosen to employ high efficient strategies and methods to remove more dirt in less time.